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Online Application Form - Step 1

Thank you for your interest in Rise and Climb.
This is a 3 Step Process.
You'll be asked to upload a resume, provide contact info and then specific details regarding the position/s you're applying for.
If you need assistance please email janice@riseandclimb.ca with your questions.

Available Positions

Check the Position/s you're intersted in. You'll be asked for details on each one in Step 3. You can apply for multiple positions if you want.
Course Guide/Day Camp Leader

Contact Info

First Name:
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Date of Birth: (YY-MM-DD)
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Phone Number:
Email Address:
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Please provide two references with phone numbers
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Additional Info

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence for which you've not been pardoned?
Are you legally allowed to work in Canada?
Are you currently employed? If so, by whom?
If hired, when are you available to start working?
Do you have current First Aid? If so, from who and expiration?
How did you hear about this empoyment opportunity?
Do you have suitable transportation to the job site? Explain
Do speak fluent English?
Do you speak any other languages?

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